In terms of quality and you may structure, the HEM8 supplies an equivalent quality of bass on the dos

In terms of quality and you may structure, the HEM8 supplies an equivalent quality of bass on the dos

Brand new middle-diversity presentation is even various other, toward HEM8 giving a clearer but nonetheless dark brown tone so you’re able to process, that have an equivalent getting from outline

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 – here is the former flagship of your own Aurisonics ASG series, property a single 14.2mm vibrant driver and you may dual well-balanced armatures to cope with the latest large frequencies, and can already be bought into the FS boards to possess a equivalent price as RRP of HEM8. As a primary analysis, the ASG-dos.5 is much more capable on trout, into the high fourteen.2mm active rider and you may tuneable trout outlet making it possible for people a lot more mid and you will sub trout as compared to BA options of your HEM8 is capable of. 5 about middle-bass part, that is unbelievable considering the pedigree of your 2.5. In which it loses aside is within the sandwich bass, into the 2.5 providing much greater extension and sub bass rumble, as opposed to actually clouding all of those other soundscape. With regards to the mids, the HEM will bring a speech this is simply not just as pass due to the fact both.5, however, conveys a similar quantity of feeling and you will structure towards 2.5, so it varies according to your choice to have vocals regarding that’s better. Treble is a bit alot more sparkly and you can feels ideal prolonged given that an effect than the weighty but “matte” sheen of HEM8 presentation. Separation and you will ergonomics is rather even, to the smaller and light HEM8 delivering a comparable amount of music reduction on big “hybrid/universal” match of 2.5, if you find yourself getting likewise simple to don. With regards to soundstage, both.5 brings a much bigger effect away from dimensions, although it is actually matched up and you can you’ll be able to bettered because of the HEM8 into the regards to breadth and holographic be of specific items of sounds. Total, the fresh new ASG-2.5 will bring a warmer and more mid-forward tuning, which have a capable (and give) sub trout and a lot of “slam” and you may air. It loses away a bit with the outline recovery, when you want a more basic tuning that have high quantities of clear outline and a “textured” become, the latest HEM might possibly be my suggestion – if you’re looking to own a mid or trout centred IEM getting things such as EDM, this new ASG gains without doubt.

Trout was quite a great deal more establish on HEM8, towards the quad-BA setup bringing quite a great deal more thickness and you will grunt on voice versus dos BA Nova to possess bass heavy music

Campfire Songs pfire Sounds, promoting to own a recent RRP from $499. The entire sound signature of the Nova tends into the smooth and you may quite ebony, therefore is a good matches to own comparison towards the HEM8. With regards to voice, the newest HEM8 isn’t extremely airy, but nonetheless seems to seems a little alot more discover than the new Nova, to your four BA vehicle operators operating better along with her supply a beneficial circular sound having an elevated be out of treble expansion and you may clearness. Soundstage and you can imaging try fairly comparable, that have each other IEMs controlling for taking the songs quite away from confines of one’s listener’s lead. New outline membership are also comparable, into the HEM8 with a slightly so much more subtle and you can “denser” texture into cards compared to the a great deal bbw craigslist hookup more plastic material-group of Nova. In the event the anything, this new HEM8 feel the edge into the detected detail recovery due to the new sharper overall build, however the actual resolution is really similar. Treble is really obtained because of the HEM8, having a cleaner demonstration that is still away from airy, however, far more give and you can clear. Soundstage seems a bit wider towards Nova, however, imaging seems so much more 3d into HEM8 in my situation. Ergonomics is actually won effortlessly by HEM8, towards coffees-bean shaped cover slotting without difficulty for the ear canal and you may kept comfortable more than era regarding wear. Concurrently, visual appeals and construct top quality was won from the Nova, with the strong aluminum shells and top quality litz cable lookin markedly a great deal more unbelievable than the more slight industrial structure on the HEM. Total, an element of the difference between both is much more tonal than just technical, to the Novas taking possible on the voice having said that on the a lot more technically done category of but conventional tuning of one’s HEM8. For my personal choice, I would find the HEM8 basically was required to see between the pair, but that’s owed partly into the truth We currently very own a “real” group of more-ear services in the Audioquest Nighthawk – if it wasn’t the truth, the brand new pure voice of the Nova could be a compelling factor about decision between them.

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