Disease Management Products




Ivermectin 3% Solution

For Use in Aquaculture Only
Specification: 100ml: Ivermectin 3g


Antiparasitic drugs, it is used to drive and kill dactylogyrus, double body insect, gyrodactylus, cryptosporidium, neobenedenia infestation, capillaria sinergasilus ergasilus, fish louse and other parasites of fish internal and external, also can kill shrimp ponds bloodworm. Administration and dosage.


Splashing Aquaivermec Oral evenly into the pond, per 30000 cubic feet of water volume uses 10ml.
For high temperature, per 30000 cubic feet of water volume uses 6.5ml.


  • Forbidden when hypoxia or rainy days.
  • Handle the packing after it used out appropriately.