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PROBIOSAL is a Water Soluble Probiotics Designed to Grow Beneficial Bacteria in the gut and Reduce Pathogenic Bacteria, Harmful Gases, Such as Ammonia, Nitrities, Hydrogen Sulfide in the Pond Water by Modern Biotechnoilogial Concept. 

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Bacillus Subtilis. 1×109 CFU/gm

Bacillus Amyloiquefaciens… 1×109 CFU/gm

Bacillus Pumilus 1×109 CFU/gm

Bacillus Licheniformis….. 4.1×109 CFU/gm

Saccharomyces cerevisiae… 2.3×108 CFU/gm

Loctobacillus Plantarum…… 4.6×108 CFU/gm

Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Nitrosomonas Spp.

Nitrobacte…… 4.3×108 CFU/gm

1×1010 CFU/gm

1×1010 CFU/gm

Doses & Administration:

Fish: 300-500 gm per/acre 3-4 ft. Depth of Water. Poultry 1 gm Per 1-2 Liter of Drinking Water.

 Feed: 0.5 kg-1kg Per ton of Feed. 

Or as Advised by Aquaculture Consultant. 

Benefits: PROBIOSAL has Beneficial Bacteria Which Inhibit the Growth of the Pathogen Vibrio Harvegi & Fusarium solani.

PROBIOSAL Control Aqua Waste in the Bottom of Aqua Pond of Ntrifying.

PROBIOSAL Has The Bacteria Which Shows Digestibility by 98% Specefic Gastro Intestinal Microbes.

PROBIOSAL Prevent Growth of he Pathogenic Bacteria Inside the gut as well as Aqua Pond.

PROBIOSAL Reduce Stress in fish or Shrimp.

Pack Size: 100ml, 500ml