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Modern Aquaculture Growth in Bangladesh

In these kinds of systems fish production per unit of surface can be increased at will, as long as sufficient oxygen, fresh water and food are provided. Because of the requirement of sufficient fresh water, a massive water purification system must be integrated in the fish farm. One way to achieve this is to combine hydroponic horticulture and water treatment, see below. The exception to this rule are cages which are placed in a river or sea, which supplements the fish crop with sufficient oxygenated water. Some environmentalists object to this practice.Aquaculture production in Bangladesh has shown an average growth of 28 percent from 0.12 million tonnes to 0.66 million tonnes during the period 1985 to 2000. However, during the same period the production of shrimp has increased from 11 000 to 94 000 tonnes, recording an average annual growth of 45 percent.

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Poultry Farming in Bangladesh


Bangladesh weather is very much friendly for poultry farming. There are various kind of poultry birds are domesticated for many years ago. As of 2017 about 300 billion taka has been invested in the poultry industry. There is an estimated 150,000 poultry farms in Bangladesh. From 2 to 4 March 2017, Poultry Science Association Bangladeshi branch held the tenth International Poultry Show and Seminar in Bashundhara Convention centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The farms annually produce 570 million tonnes of meat and 7.34 billion eggs.Poultry feed is made mostly from imported soybean and soy meal.Per capita consumption of meat and egg remain below the level recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization.Avian Influenza has been damaging for the poultry and associated feed industry in Bangladesh.The outbreak in 2007 closed two-thirds of all farms in Bangladesh..


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