Pond Management Product

Best Oxy

Best Oxy

Best Oxy is very effective formulation, which releases the dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture ponds. Increased oxygen levels promotes the healthy growth of prawns /shrimps /fish.


  • Increases the dissolved oxygen levels in the pond.
  • Liberates effective oxygen at 1,00,000 ml/kg of CaCo2
  • The bi-product ca(oH)2 increases the alkalinity.
  • Prevents the formation of the highly toxic gases like ammonia, sulphur di-oxide and methane etc.
  • Reduces the frequency of water exchange.
  • Will not react with other chemicals which are commonly used in aqua culture.


As per the recommendations for your consultant.


Mix with dry sand and apply in the pond.


Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Perborate, Calcium Peroxide, and essential binding agents.

SHELF LIFE : 2 yrs.