Best Zeo Gold

Disease Management product

Best Zeo Gold

Best Zeo Gold Is An Ccofriendly, Shrimp Friendly Probiotic Solution For Total Pond Management Containing Certain Proprietary Non Pathogenic Probiotic Strains Each Specially Selected And Isolated For Its Efficiency To Utilize & Degrade Various Organic Wastes Generated In Aqua Culture Pond As Part Of Its Normal Metabolic Activity Along With Minerals & Nutrients Each Stabilized. Formulated By A Special Process & & Coated On A Special Quality Granulated & Activated Zeolite .



  • Oxidzcs Noxius Gases Produced In The Pond Life Ammonia, Hydrogen methane Etc.
  • Effectively Degrades All Kinds Of Wastes Generated In The Pond As They Generated & Also Clears The Accumulated Loads At Higher Doses.
  • Improves D.o. Levels
  • Stabilizes Ph Levels

Recommended usage levels

  • 5Kg per Acre


Pack Size: 2kg , 5 kg