I know that sounds extreme, but that is how true sociopaths are

I know that sounds extreme, but that is how true sociopaths are

Anyway, my ex was offered a job through his father, the one that actually knows President Bush

I’m guessing, you, the reader is very suspicious of my claim I just made. But it is the truth. Read on, I’ll explain. My ex husband cheated on me… numerous times, while we were married (yea so what…? lot’s of people cheat right? Yea that’s right.) In my ex’s case, he told me directly that he was having sex with other women…and men too. But I didn’t freak like maybe a normal spouse would, because it had been so obvious and because he was an extreme perverse sex addict (which I found out after we were married)-he wanted to swing. He pestered me for hours to hook up with other people ( I never would), he also bought lot’s and lots of sex toys….disgusted me. He forced me many times to have sex. It was so unimaginably painful, more and loansolution.com/title-loans-ar/ almost entirely emotionally painful. I tried to tell people, and no one seemed to believe me. I was young and vulnerable, and didn’t have many friends or a supportive family so there really was no one to tell.

He also sexually abused our first daughter when she was just 9 months old. Social services was involved, and at the time I wasn’t putting two and two together and he was never found out, Social services inquired that it might be him, but I didn’t know, and protected the bastard at the time. Not surprisingly, the marriage ended and he left the state. For 6 years he had little to almost no interest or contact with the kids, which was very good, and me and the kids lived normal lives. then his parents moved back to the area, and he followed them. His father is a big wig at the public service plant here and a few other states. This is going to sound like bull, but honestly, he has spoken in the same arenas as President Bush, and meets with him and others who work with him.

I knew that him meddling around with other women, and sickly with men too, meant he would leave me alone more, so it was strangely a good thing to hear to me at the time

Though my ex claims he moved back to the area because, as he says. “it was because he wanted to be part of his children’s lives”. Sure…. (Like it had nothing to do with his parents moving here, or a higher paying job, which he already had working for another company his dad was the vice president of. another story for another time) My ex hired a lawyer right away (even before he moved here) and even before I could say I didn’t want him to have the kids or not, he didn’t even ask me. He prepared for a custody battle. I didn’t have the money for a lawyer at the time, so I agreed to a placement. And ironically his sexual abuse to my daughter, a baby of 9 months, was used against me. He tells people that I am making that up. And that I’m psycho… because I am accusing him of such a horrible thing. People believe him. (the sexual abuse was documented, but it was never found out who, and at the time I wasn’t able to put two and two together, even thought I saw it once…I know it’s hard to believe I didn’t know until later when things clicked in my brain that it was him.)

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